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Digital engagement agency that provides Wifi analytics, customer insights & smart charging solutions
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Batteries fail, chargers get forgotten, and plug points are never available. It’s not 1995. This shouldn’t be a problem. The Socly Pebble is here to save your day.

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An online connection means more selfies, more event photos, happier experiences being shared, and more time spent at your establishment or event. Ultimately this all equals more ching-ching for you

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Getting people connected is the first rung in the ladder. At the top, is Socly’s social Wi-Fi offering, which also allows the client to make business sense of the data mined from the connections. Data is everything.

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Our goal is to bring social spaces to life using digital solutions, this does not only mean providing consumers WiFi and chargers at events and restaurants, but also assist brands reach a larger collective reach

Customer Insights & Analytics

Giving online access to your clientele at your establishment or event is mutually beneficialfor you as a business and your patrons. We at Socly know and understand this truth, that iswhy we have created a product mix that can be tailored to your business, allowing you toconnect with your customers, engage with your consumers and mine data and analytics that can help you make the best business decisions going forward.

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Here are some of our cool clients

  • Standard BankStandard Bank
  • Coca ColaCoca Cola